Wikileaks Hype And Wrong Actions

You know, I'm not all over that Wikileaks hype. They have some secret documents which states what the whole world already knew for years.

It's not fun for the governments that tried to lied to the people, but Wikileaks doesn't changes anything about it. Yeah we have proof now, so what? Everyone who thinks that a big country are not involved in lying, cheating, murdering and illegal wars are just naive. If you read through the lines of everyday news, you can easily see it. Welcome to the reality. These crime and deeply undemocratic behaviors, it's not Wikileaks who told us. It's already been known. Everyone ignored it. And we still do. This won't change by an organization.

But now these people are under attack because they're telling the truth. And this is something I consider a big mistake. The biggest ever made. I'm not shocked, nor do I hate someone for actions revealed by Wikileaks. But this openly "SHUT UP" is disgusting.

First Amazon canceled their website, so they moved to France. Now EveryDNS stopped the resolving of the wikileaks .org-domain.  And now everyone is speculating that the US government has pushed them to do so. These are bad Nazi methods. So Wikileaks needs to leave the US to continue telling the truth. Well, the land of the free failed. Epic.
But worse than that, Wikileaks is still there. You can't stop the truth. If the US engages in a cyberwar, they will lose it. It's ridiculous that I have to blog about that. And I feel kind of strange writing this.

The US government should leave Wikileaks alone and trying to secure their internal correspondence. If a small and powerless organization like Wikileaks can get those information, every secret agency on the planet, which is worth their name, will get such thing easily, and possibly much more.

I'm still not falling for the Wikileaks-hype. I can't understand why there is so much fuzz about it. But pushing them hard like this, threatening them and come up with strange legislation, could make one think, that it's not so bad after all, having something like Wikileaks.

Update: So PayPal blocked Wikileaks, too. No problem, there are plenty of ways to donate money to them without using this service. And Switzerland gave them a new home: wikileaks.ch. The US-ambassador gets furious with so much democracy. France and USA are now trying to block them like China and "Reporters without Borders" condemns their actions against Wikileaks. But there are now domains all over the planet to support wikileaks and the IPs are available on Wikipedia.