Decision: I Want More Twitter Followers

Ooh yeah! Here s a short update.

I'm on Twitter since the beginning. I'm at about 3600 followers. This is not too bad, but t's not good enough for what I use Twitter. I come to that later. I know, the number isn't that much important. Yeah quality instead of quantity, less "worthy" followers are better than more random people, it doesn't count how many, blah blah... Wait. It DOES count. At last for me and, you won't believe it, for some other that might want to follow me, too.
Yes, you read it right. There are some barrier, where people don't follow you because you don't look important, because you don't have enough followers. It's the naked truth. You might say, that's irrelevant, but I say it depends on what you want to do with Twitter.

I'm a blogger. On Twitter I'm a microblogger. I want to spread stuff, and I want to read stuff. I want to do that what even Twitter is propagating. Twitter is for news. I think, from time to time, I'll do have some interesting stuff that I do work hard for. I'm in an open source state type, that means I'll give you anything for free as in freedom. I want something back: Your attention.

You know what's worth getting bashed for your good stuff? Being ignored. Now 3600 people from Twitter can read my articles, or get info via Twitter about a new one. That's way to less, right? Come on. Let's say 5% of these people are interested in an article at all, that's just 180 persons. But I would like to have more people reading my stuff.

I'm keep working hard on my articles and stuff, and I'm not ignoring feedback. But I'm seeing that having more followers on Twitter is important not only for more people reading my stuff, and having cool conversations and interacting with the readers, no, it's even important to get even more. I'm not fully occupied with those numbers of users. I can handle more... much more. I'm not using all the latest tech to having an boring feed :) I follow people, too. And I'm listening. I'm no bot. I'm just lucky to be able to handle incoming stuff. Maybe not as good as Robert Scoble, but hell, I'm Ryo ;)