The Geeks Are Back in Charge At Google

Left to right, Eric E. Schmidt, Sergey Brin an...Image by Joi Ito via Wikipedia. CC BYParty! Finally, the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are back on the top. Larry Page took over the position as CEO of Google. Eric Schmidt will remain as executive chairman.

Hours ago I gave a comment in Google Buzz:
"To be honest, Larry and Sergey were always the guys who really did care about "Don't be evil". They and Schmidt got more than one confrontation. I think Schmidt was a really good CEO. Much underrated at first. But I think he never represented the real Google. And it's impressive that most parts of Google keep that ghost of the beginning. The computer nerds that can do great things. Innocent and pure. It almost looked like Schmidt and the board were the only one who cared about money at all. That might be good for the company, but it's not cool.. So I hope for a more geekier successor. Someone like Larry or Sergey. But i doubt that the board will ever be okay with that, because it meant loss of capital."
And then.... boom. The news broke that Larry Page really are the new CEO beginning as of April 4th. Cheers!

It came a little surprising. Schmidt said later in a blog post, that he thinks Larry is ready to lead Google. And while we don't know exactly about the real reasons for that, question remain on how the board is dealing with that news. And it might be interesting to keep an eye on the stock market. Larry and Sergey never cared so much about the financial success than on privacy and the mantra "Don't be evil". It is a good sign. The real people that made Google are back in charge. If that is good for the money bags of the investors is doubtful. On the other side, if Larry stands for what he stands before Schmidt took over, Google could get much mor sympathy and this could result in even more success.

What we can say for sure is: This will be amazing times, when one of the biggest internet-companies in history are about to change. This will change the whole industry for sure. It's amazing, and I can't wait to see the results.
And I wish Larry Page a real good restart as the new CEO of Google Inc.