Screw 3D... I Want To See Tron: Legacy in 2D!

Hollywood is a well-known area of Los Angeles ...Image via WikipediaAll that 3D-hype is okay as long as I don't get affected. But now I learned that no theater is showing a 2D a.k.a. real-version of Tron:Legacy. This sucks!

How dare this damn movie-industry trying to dictate the way we look at a movie. Is the story really THAT BAD, so they can only show the movie with 3D effect overload? I'm infuriated that we are getting forced to have headaches and eyestrain when we want to see a movie?
Is this 3D crap selling so badly that we must get forced to watch it that way? Let the viewers decide how we want to see it.

Now it's questionable if I go to the cinemas at all to watch it, and just waiting for the 2D DVD to come out.
Thanks you marketing assholes for ruining my favorite childhood movie and long-awaited sequel.