Is The End of Facebook Near?

Discovered via Thomas Morffew

Interesting read. But who will be the successor? There is no one around with the same bearing. Twitter? Not even a real friend system. Google? Said they won't to "another Facebook". So who? Who has Games, applications, networking, and a decent friend-system? No one has. And that's why we can't get rid of Facebook.

I recently brought some of my persona friends here, because there was nowhere else to go for non tech-savvy people. I couldn't even figure out how to talk someone in using Twitter or Buzz, and why. The strongest point for Facebook however is the simple number of people there. Chances are that your friends are already here, or they having a lot of other friends here, too. And at least they have heard about it.

It may be that the downfall of Facebook has begun, but it will be a safe place to invite your friends for a couple of years.

Name one alternative with the same functionality and simplicity that appeal to normal people, and I'll be there.