The UberTwitter / Twidroyd War And The Consequences

Giga-OM said it's a war. And it's quite strange, now that Twitter has it's own app, they keep tighten the rules more and more.

Twitter HQ in San Francisco - Olaf Koens, http...Twitter HQ. Image via Wikipedia
If you checked Twitter this morning and saw a strange discussion going on and a trending topic #ubertwitter , you might have wondered. Twitter blocked apps from UberTwitter, including the famous Twidroyd app. They said, together with other reasons, it's about trademark infringement. Suddenly, as I smashed through the tweets, the trending topic #ubertwitter disappeared from the list. Strangely from the top to nowhere. Aha. Now it feels like with the #wikileaks hashtag. Twitter said, that the topic wasn't simply not popular enough, although the press  around the world talked about anywhere on TV, newspapers and online. Now why did this topic appear so roughly, while hundreds of tweets per minute still came in? We will never know for sure. No one knows how the trending topics are worked out. And by the amount of crap topics it might be better.

UberMedia now made some changes that Twitter demanded and will be back online soon. New name is UberSocial instead of UberTwitter.

However, this Twitter-War will continue. And as always the community that once was spreading the name and love throughout the internet that made them big, will get screwed. The business that made clients for a long time without them complaining, now are facing the harsh breeze of lawyer-smell. And it teaches you once again. don't bet all your money on one horse, or on one wale.