Google In Europe: Fined And Won

Google Streetview 3rd Generation Camera CarPhoto by Jackdyson at en.wikipedia / CC BYEurope is a uncertain place for businesses. Okay, you already knew that. But in one week, Google got fined and won at the court for Street View.

In France, Google got fined with €100.000 for intercepting private WLAN-Data. Not that this was already been made from another company without problems, but Google apologized for the data, they recorded by accident. There was no intention. The scanned networks to optimize Google Latitude. Something Skyhook did for another company.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Google won a lawsuit against Street View for photographing houses. The court made very clear, that there is no way to forbid to take photos from a building in the public. The judge also said it's very positive that Google offer to let the houses being pixelized.
After the sentence, experts say that there is clearly no right to have your house pixelized, and that this is totally voluntarily from Google. This strengthen the rights of photographers and the so-called "freedom of panorama". Some relief for many photographers.