The Playstation Network Disaster

Logo of the PlayStation NetworkImage via WikipediaFirst Sony strikes against hackers, the hackers strikes Sony. And now the PSN is not only down, but has to be reorganized and customer data, including credit-card numbers, are compromised.

First we heard, no data was stolen, but I got an email from Sony today that says different. Personal data, password and credit-card numbers have been compromised. Apple and governments calling Sony to pay for the damages to customers. Experts see billion of dollars that Sony must pay.
It's a disaster. PR-wise and technical.

I do feel odd. A mail saying that all my data are gone, the network unusable, and warnings that I should check my credit-card accounts, described the worst nightmares. Now what is Sony doing? They can't undo what already has been done. So, in the mail, they say the set up a new system, which is more secure. Besides the million of kiddies that go berserk, because they can't play some games, the parents will go berserk if the money vanishes from their account.

We only can hope that this Hacker isn't spreading the data and credit-card numbers. It's a big mess, and people, governments and companies all around the world are calling for blood. Blood of Sony...