And The Joke Of The Day: USA Wants To Respond With War Against Hackers

Plush toy of Eric Cartman from South Park.Image via WikipediaBut hey, wait... according to the Wall Street Journal, this is no joke.

But I couldn't stop a grin on my face. It's so ridiculous, it's like an episode of South Park.
Kyle: "Kenny hacked iwantsex.gov"
Cartman: "Oh man, that can't be. He is poor. Poor people can't hack anything"
Kyle: "Shut up, Cartman. Hey listen, what's that sound?"
Cartman: "Oh fuck, that's the US Air Force!"
Butters: "Listen to the news, they declare war on South Park"
Stan: "Oh no, they killed Kenny"
Kyle: "You bastards!"
Well apparently, I fear that it's not this funny when totally disoriented politician with no clue what the "internet" is, want to declare war against countries, or individuals, because of a so-called "Hacker-Attack". Whatever this means. Sad, but I think the USA could be very sad to do so.
The last time someone declared "War" on hackers, they were taken down for weeks. That was Sony and their PSN.

Have a lot of fun!