ChromeOS Netbooks Announced: Pulls My Socks Off!

Google I/O 2011Image by rwentechaney via Flickr
My next laptop, won't be a laptop. It will be a ChromeOS-Netbook.

I saw the demonstration in the keynote of the Google I/O, and it enhanced my thoughts about going more towards the cloud. The arguments are clear. I have almost infinite space, access will be over 3G and Wi-Fi, 8 seconds to boot, because there is almost nothing to boot, no update and patch problems. Just open up the netbook and start using thousands of apps and working with your stuff. Even without a connection, you can work with your data, and it will get synced as soon as a network is available.

Sure, it's easy for me. I'm already having almost all my data in the cloud. I use Google Docs for a long time, Gmail is my command-center, Photos are available in my Picasa-account and so on. Soon my music will be there, too. So it's a little step for me. How will other users feel about it? That's the question. It's easy, sure. But first you'll have to make the switch, if you're not already using such services. No, you don't have to use the Google services. There are plenty of alternatives that works with ChromeOS. But still, you have to bring your data in the cloud and having the strange feeling, you don't have the data on your computer anymore. I know that's kind of uncomfortable at first. Not anymore if you once lost all your data with your computer and having an outdated, or no backup.

Programs? There is everything. Many things for free. Easy usable. No installation and hassle-free. All normal work can be done. Games? Sure. If you saw the Google I/O keynote, you know it will be not only the newly introduced Angry Birds or other casual games, but with the 3D graphic capabilities, full games. Yes, they will cost you :). Audio, video and photo editing? No problem. Social networking paradise guaranteed.

I'm very curious how this is going. The offer is great. A Samsung netbook with ChromeOS, wireless data option included for $429 is awesome. It's really something. The Acer, the second introduced netbook, is even cheaper. It's the step in a new future of computing. A step where the device isn't the most important part, but the Internet is the center. Where you can have more than one device, all accessing your data. Where we could save resources and spare tons of tech-junk. I have the feeling we are on the edge of a new chapter in the computer industry, and it will be amazing to see how this is evolving.