Skype Bought By Microsoft

Skype 2.1, running on a Linux desktopImage via Wikipedia / Skype on GNU/LinuxAfter Twitter bought Tweetdeck, another good software is in danger. Not that it's the same dimension in any way, but I'm asking myself about future support of GNU/Linux and Android for Skype.

Last week, when Tweetdeck was sold to Twitter, I expressed my fear about Twitter abandon Tweetdeck or removes support for Facebook and Google Buzz. This time I fear for GNU/Linux and Android losing a decent Skype-Version. I know, it's not that easy. But I can imagine that versions for those systems are coming even slower, once Microsoft are in full charge of the product.
While GNU/Linux-support is nothing new at Microsoft, Android is the arch-rival in the mobile business. What would be better, to make Skype unavailable for the biggest competitor, and giving an advantage for their own Windows Phone 7 ? You might say, it's about money. So what money? Let's be honest, only a small percentage of users are actually doing more with Skype than free calls. The apps are free, too. So money? The probably lose money for developing. On the other side, it's important to have a wide range of people you can reach with Skype. I'm no enemy of Microsoft (at least no more :) ), but it makes me uncomfortable, just like with that Tweetdeck thing. I'll hope in both cases my fear are without substance.

Time will tell, but in the meantime we may speculate about the future of Skype on those platforms, and possibly get used to one of the many other solutions, that works great. You know GTalk is really good. Or SIP-Standard, or...