Big Deal: Nintendo Announced The Wii U At The E3

Finally, it happened. Touchscreen Controllers, powerful graphics, new design. The Wii U has some unbelievable changes to the current Wii.

Photo by ze_baer / CC BY
The original Wii revolutionized the way we play. The motion-sensitive controllers where much laughed about, and now every platform can't live without having such controllers. Some of them made lousy copies, some of them made improvement. But Nintendo now adds something even more revolutionizing again. Every controller is now a tablet-like device. A controller with a full touchscreen. Will Nintendo again be successful with this unconventional input method?
Imagine games like on the DSi, but on the big screen. With drawing. Or games where your finger is more effective than a mouse, like games for smartphones. Now combine normal controllers, motion and touchscreen, and you got the standard controller.

Photo by ze_baer / CC BY
See? We talk so much about the controller already, and not the console.
It will be compatible to old Wii-Games. So you're precious and expensive games will still work on the Wii U. It will connect to your TV via HDMI, too and shows 1080p. No fireworks of tech specs?

But now hold your breath, it will take until April-December 2012 before we see this goody. Time enough to save money. And you can be sure, it's not the last thing you read here about the Wii U. I must say, I'm a little excited about it. Must have...

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