EHEC Hype In Germany Has Some Advantages

Escherichia coli O157:H7, cell with flagella, ...Image via WikipediaThe prices of vegetables are as low as you can think. Many discounters offers this almost for free.
500gr Paprika for 47 cents and 1kg tomatoes for 79 cents. You read it right. Unbelievable.

The ones who don't fall for that EHEC hype are laughing in joy, as they can eat healthy food almost for free. The downside is the disastrous situation for the farmers. They can't make any money with it, and thousand tons of eatable goods are thrown away. It's a shame. People fears are the worst factor in the world.

For all the others, enjoy the low prices. After this crisis, with many farmers gone from the market, the prices will be high as ever. And the doctors will have work in the next 10 years from wrong eating. You know, they preaching "more veggies" for decades. Now parents giving their child fast food rather than good and healthy food. Dentists and doctors will have enough work. Health insurance might get more expensive though.... well well well...