The German Angst Of Big Companies: Meanwhile The Government Spying

German Police vehciles at MunichA harsh awakening for the lobbyists that tries to steer the fear of the Germans toward big companies like Google and Facebook. The German police spied, apparently illegal, on millions of phone calls and data.

So much for that "We don't misuse...": Police Spied Cellphone Data (German original article)
It's always the same. Not the services are the problem, but the people that make bad things happen. Like the famous example. You put up a photo of you, lying around, drunken and in your own sauce. Your future boss makes a social search for you on the net, and sees it. You don't get the job.
But this isn't neither your fault, nor the social side you put this up. It's the ones fault, who looks up for such irrelevant information. The one that spies you to abuse your data. It's not legal to deny the job fro having a night out before in your life. It's illegal to use that data in most countries. Yeah, you can't prove it. You might never know. But this is a problem of society, and this need to be changed. It's part of our freedom, to express yourself the way you want. And you are protected by law, so you don't get discriminated for who you are. hat freedom is this, if you need to hide everything about you?
Live in public if you want. You have the right to do so!

The same here. The police just used the technical possible solution and spied on all these people. The police needs to be addressed for this, not the phone company, right?
You can turn it around like you want, but the real problem is, if someone like Google or Facebook have your data, you'll get targeted ads at worse. But if the government, or the authorities, abusing your data, you can really get in trouble.