A Little Speculation: If Tweetdeck Goes Twitter Only...

I expressed my fear before. Twitter acquired the famous Tweetdeck Twitter-Client. But it's a multi-platform client. What about Facebook integration and Google Buzz support in the future, and who can profit if this client goes Twitter only?

If Twitter decides to remove or no longer support the integration of Facebook, Google Buzz and Foursquare, it would be a huge hit. The Facebook integration alone, with the support of Facebook Pages, are worth the program.Well, to be honest, there are very few clients that support different services with such a good and easy solution. That's why Tweetdeck is so successful, in my humble opinion. I thought about 2 alternatives if Twitter slashes your favorite program.

Alternative 1: Seesmic. Yes, you may wonder, I don't like it, due to the lack of a fast Android support. BUt there are many people you like it. This might be an alternative. It supports all the services of Tweetdeck in some versions. Yes, the versions of different platform may vary. It's quick enough on Android and fully featured on th web. It supports different photo services to tweet your precious pictures. A good and quick solution for the direct change from one program to another.

Alternative 2: Your Blog! Yes, and that's my favorite solution. If it happens, I will choose this. It's a bit more complicated to setup, but it's worth it, because you keep full control of your photos (your blog is your photo-service), there are great software and apps for any platform, and most blog systems. Especially Blogger.com and Wordpress on Android.
To setup you needs a feed-service like Twitterfeed. It works well and assures that your blog article will be spread throughout the networks. You can setup a blog for your lifestream easily e.g. on blogger.com. Then head to Twitterfeed and choose your blog as a source and select where you want to send your updates to. There are a lot of services, including Statusnet (identi.ca), Twitter, Facebook and more.
Just write you blog-post like you want. Keep in mind that only the first 128 chars will be tweeted and then a link will follow, leading the visitor to your blog-post with the picture, video, or much longer text inside. That's another big advantage. You can do a full featured blog article with picture, long text, video and more, or just a very quick post, snap a photo and only fill the subject line. You are totally free of what you do. Isn't that nice?

So do not fear Twitter. It's sad for Tweetdeck IF this happens. No signs up until now, other than the developers said that "changes are inevitable". But prepared, it can be a chance for you to get your content back under your control.