India Brings Free Internet At The Edge Of Doom

The Symbol of Indian Rupee approved by the Uni...Image via WikipediaA sad day for free Internet in India. The ISPs, in order of the government, blocked all big files storage sites. As an act against illegal file sharing, this looks like a move against democracy and free speech.

This brings a lot of developers and strong growing web-related companies in a difficult position. Many of them need access to such services. Now they need to do circumvent their traffic with VPN tunneling and proxy usage to keep their productivity up.
India is known as a fast developing area in terms of Internet and software with preferences from all over the world. This move could have an unknown impact to the work of those companies.

It looks like file sharing is the worst thing on the planet, right? Who cares about physical violence, and dead people on the streets, as long as everyone is being stopped from copying a software, or even worse, a song?

India starts blocking file storage websites in a move against piracy | ZDNet
[via Albert Albs @ Google+]