The Guardian Points Out How Dangerous European's Unitary Patent May Be

Richard Stallman was on form this morning with...Image via WikipediaRichard Stallman writes some words about that at the Guardian UK, and sees that this might be a dangerous thread to every developer. Imagine Ideas of something you cook are patented, and no one else have to right to cook the same thing, even without "your" recipe.
That's exactly what the Eu is doing here with software. I don't know who to blame. Judges, that don't know what they are doing? Shameless lobbyists of big software companies, that simply wants to squeeze out more money? Ourselves, for just sitting around watching while our freedom goes to hell? I don't know...
Beware: Europe's 'unitary patent' could mean unlimited software patents | Technology | guardian.co.uk: "Software patents are dangerous to software developers because they impose monopolies on software ideas. It is not feasible or safe to develop non-trivial software if you must thread a maze of patents. (See Patent absurdity, Guardian, 20 June 2005.)"
Check FSF.org if you like, for more about those miseries.