Google Fights Patents. FSF Should Step In As An Ally.

Eric E. Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google In...Image via WikipediaLooks like Google now really has patents on their nuking list. For decades now, free software loving people tried to get rid of software patents. Now it's a good time to chime in and mobilizing all forces. A second chance won't come so easily again.

The giant are awake. Tortured from patent-trolls, it's about to release it's anger in a fury.
Eric Schmidt said that the industry is on the edge of a slowdown. And that's because of the patent-system. You can argue why Google is lobbying now against patents, but this isn't the point. Never ever has been a big company that turn against patents. And now there is a chance to get rid of them, or at least modernizing the patent system for a better for developers and the real inventors.

Google’s Eric Schmidt lays the smack down on patents | VentureBeat: "“All the patent fights that are interesting are done in one district in Texas, how this is possible is beyond me, it just doesn’t feel right” Schmidt said. “With the device revolution coming, I fear patents will slow it down.”"

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