Tips for New Bloggers

On Blogger Buzz, I found a new article about blogging for beginners. I think it's worth a mention, because it covers some important points about what you have to care when starting a blog.
Besides of having writing blockades, lack of ideas, or simply not even enough time, even if the day had 48hrs, there are some things, that I made wrong ;), which are really useful:

  • Find and keep at your interests - Something I can't do here on ryocentral, because mainly it's about my personal interests. But I did on Droyd Cantina, and it's better than have a all cross-over every topic blog where everybody gets insane by all the "crap" that you don't want to see.
  • Leave good (!) comments on other blogs. Oh yes, I'll have to remind me on that.
  • Good pictures. Yes, I know about that. It makes a post so much brighter.
  • Better quality, less quantity. Well, this is not always the best. If you'll have to keep up, it's better to post a quick info than nothing.
  • Post scheduling. If you're on a writing spree, do it and time it to publish later.
I suggest you to hop over to the original article on Blogger Buzz, to find out more about how to make your new blog successful.

Blogger Buzz: Tips for New Bloggers: "Hi everyone! I'm Rebecca Brown, a blogger and personal stylist in the Seattle area. When I started my blog nearly 2 years ago, it was to document my attempt to wear a different dress for every day of December (sounds super interesting, right? It proves you can write a blog about anything).

I had no idea that a blog about my clothing choices would grow and become such a fun hobby! And even though I’ve been blogging for a little while, I still feel like I have so much to learn, which is what keeps blogging interesting! So, while I'm definitely far from being an expert, here are a few things that have worked for me:"