Geokrets Are The Open Source Version Of Travelbugs

Coins, TravelBugs, TravelSlugs, Tags and other forms of trackable objects are very popular  at geocaching. And there is one another: Geokrets from geokrety.org.

What's so special about them. Well it's like the open source version. Everyone can make a Geokret right away. Now! Free and just print out a label, attach it to an object at set it off to discover the world.

You can put it in any Geocache

These object are not only for caches from alternative geocaching listing-sites, but can also be put in caches listed on geocaching.com. The staff of that most popular site approved, that it's okay.
To have a hassle-free experience withing geocaching.com however, you need to install a plugin for Firefox or Chrome. You can find it on the main site under "Side products". It's called "GeoKrety Toolbox".

Then you can find a additional box right below the inventory box at geocaching.com, that looks like this:

Almost anything can be a Geokret

Now you should know, you can make almost anything a Geokret. Objects, a person, a DVD or book, and recently added, coins. More and more people let produce coins with a Geokret-No. on it. Just like Geocoins.
Cool, huh?

You can make Geokrets instantly. You need a internet connection, and a printer, to print the labels. Those can be designed freely and even with QR-Codes for easy logging with a smartphone.

Anyone can log a Geokret

To log a Geokret, you don't need to register. Anyone can log it just like this. However it's highly recommended that you register when logging a Geokret. That's because if you retrieve one and put it in another cache later, you need the Tracking code that only is listed on the Geokret itself, just like the tracking code on TravelBugs. Without an account you need to write down that code. If you have an account, the logged Geokret will be in your inventory and can easily put in another Geocache, even at the Geocaching.com website directly.
Why not making a Geokret for every Geocaching-tour you do? And watch out for Geokrets in caches. The owners of those are very thankful if you travel with them, dipping them into a lot of other caches, and put it in other ones.

If you still have some questions, you can watch the video after the jump. It will show you the basics. Or visit the official GeoKrety-Website.