Jan 3, 2012

C64 30th Anniversary

Yes, that right. 30 years of awesomeness. Despite not being build for many years anymore, the ghost of C64 is living on in Emulators and a huge retro-scene.

Picture Public Domain

In January 1982, the Commodore 64 was revealed to the public. In no time it stormed the households and occupied the lives of a whole generation. It had a big influence on our behavior. There is even a book written about that topic. But I think I will someday write my own experience :).

Photo by shane doucette from Saskatoon, CA / CC BY-SA

And we may not forget that the VIC-20 (VC-20) made the way free for the success of the C64 in 1980. Oh how I miss them. Don't shout at me, but silly me sold both of them. A big error.

But hey, I still have my Amiga 2000. I'll never gonna sell it.