The Hysteria Of The Usual: Apps, Photos And Usage

I didn't even want to write about this, because I thought it's so hilarious. But unfortunately, maybe because of the awaited clicks and ad-$, some of the big internet-sites and of course the old media, reported about this.

So let's begin slowly. The Path-hysteria just a few weeks ago, which I couldn't understand. But okay, there was a legit fear that, despite all logic, address data could be compromised. Despite all logic because everyone should know that searching for friends automatically needs access to some kind of address data or it simply doesn't work.
After that, the hype about the Google privacy policy. It's insane that people complain. Kudos to the media that stirred up that illogical rage against making the terms more clear for anyone to understand. Like pigs rolling in the mud, now some privacy advocates that don't understand anything, are going for that.

I thought it couldn't get worse. But it did. A horrible news spread across the Internet and soon in the crap ol' dying media. Apps can access photos. OMFG! What can we do now? Were the Mayans right? Oh well another hype. They never said the world is ending 2012, just their fricking calendar does. Whatever, the end of the world because Google and Apple are not restricting apps from accessing photos on your device.
This "news" is so insane, that I couldn't even laugh, I was dazzled. I must have looked my display like the Easter bunny had sex with Santa on my mobile device display. But then I thought it must be satire. It's hilarious. But it wasn't.

Oh noez. My Blog can haz accezz to the piktures I uploaded!
So now, I have very bad news for all PC owners. Any program on your PC can access all data on your hard drive. Exactly. Don't believe it? Install e.g. Gimp. Open a photo you just saved on the hard drive. There it is. You never allowed that program an installation to access the data. Now you can "manipulate" that photo and overwrite your photo. And then your browser can just open the photo and send it to the I N T E R N E T. What?
Yes, because that's how things are working. That's what is making computing possible. That's the whole effing point of computers. And of smartphones. Of course my phones' app need to have access to my photos. How else can I edit, manipulate, upload and have fun with possibilities from underway? This is a basic feature.

Welcome to the real world!

Google did a bad job on trying to get around the hysteria by telling it's a function  "back from the days" when photos were stored on sdcards. I hope they still will be saved there, or Google can have their Androids back. It's insane. I'm outraged by the hysteria and the reactions of companies and politicians because people are too dump and have no clue what they are talking about. I want full access of photos for all of my apps. And dare Android or Google to put up one requester in my face, to confirm a basic feature that is perfectly essential. It's like connecting a VCR and complaining it has access to the TV stations program.

Can someone educate people on what a computer is, and what a smartphone is, and for what they are? Sorry, but if you want a golden cage, keep away from electronics. They are not for you. They are for people who understand them just a little.