Google Drive: I'll Believe It, when I Use It

So many times before we heard about the start of the GDrive, Google Drive, or whatever it will be named. And it never was around the corner. This time, it looks much better. But still, is it even interesting anymore?
25 GB of space at Google
25 GB of space at Google (Photo credit: vscarpenter)
Last year I wrote about the awesome prices of the Docs storage. But if you need more storage, than the usual 20GB for $5 a year(!), you might be disappointed. Time is moving, and so are the need for storage. Remember those 40MB(yes, megabyte) hard drives? And when we said, that no one will need this much space at home. Yeah. Now we have 1 Terabyte minimum.

And with cloud storage there is one problem: You can't just buy another hard drive for $60 one time, and go ahead. You'll need to have unlimited space. And for a good, affordable monthly price. This is the real problem. I for myself need about 6 Terabyte at the beginning, to store all my data I have in the cloud and make it accessible for my devices. But every day there is more data that will need space.
I Just for recording the TV shows I watch on my receivers disk, it will take about 120GB per week! But not HD. That will take more. That's about 6.2TB a year! Hum...yeah.
And the amount of data we store will not get lower, it increases every year. But what if you have cloud space and your provider doesn't have a reasonable offer for more. Or even no offer at all?

These are the problems that need to be solved. As long as GDrive is not solving these, it's just another cloud space service with 1999 storage sizes for high prices. And before I believe the media hype, that GDrive killing all the other cloud services with it's own, I need to see their offer for unlimited space, for a price that knocks me off the socks.