New Chromebooks Almost Perfect And Still No Buy

Photo by Google / All rights reserved.
I read an article at ReadWriteWeb about the lauchn of the new Chromebook. Faster and more features. While I completely disagree with the article as such, I had to make an extensive comment on the post.

I thought it might be interesting to post it here, too.

No, no, no and no.
The new Chromebook is awesome. Everything is good... except the price.
I don't see any need for a OS anymore that I have to maintenance. Just now, again even on Linux... Upgrade, now Google Talk-Plugin doesn't work anymore. 2 years before, it was WIfi. Windows? Don'r bother me with Virus protection to renew every year and sucking cpu power to scan my system. Screw it. Mac? Really? I'm not in bed with the worst from both world. (sry, mac users, no offense, but it's not for me. I care about how a company behave. And Apple is not for me.)
The Cloud is the future. Wait, nooo. It's the present for me for nearly 4 years now. Everything (sic) I do is in the cloud. And I never regret it. Again, maybe it's not for everyone. I would think twice if I plan to take over the world and stored my critical documents on any webserver. But no, I like to hear "Johann Sebastian Bach" from the cloud everywhere.
Yes I have to admit, I work the whole day without starting a program other for the system itself. Without the need to maintain it, I could make 90% of all my work without leaving the browser. From photo editing to movie cutting, I do it in the cloud. So everything is fine.
Except the price. This thing is TOO EXPENSIVE. Why? Because even if a browser is all I need, I don't want to pay as much, or even more, than for a Notebook/Netbook that can do much more. And seriously, the price is where the masses is looking for. You could have the best thing, people will buy the thing with the best price/performance relation. And so I do. Sell me this for $199 and I'm ordering today. But for $449, I would rather ordering a custom netbook with much better technical data and install a low-end Linux system with chrome and hassle with maintaining it. But for $250 it's worth to have a little bit more work.
Samsung and Google needs to realize that. A sad thing.