YouTube, Copyright Claims, And Real Artists

A few days ago something happend to me at YouTube, I only heard about it on the TwiG-Netcast and read some articles about. I uploaded a Geocaching-Video and it triggered the YouTube rights system.

A company, I've never heard about, should now be able to insert ads into the video. Instead of my own ads. It was because I used a music track from Zero-Project. An artist I really like and I used his music for a netcast before.
The strange thing is, the music was licensed under a Creative Commons License BY. So what happend. I'm allowed to use the music according to the free license. Yes, Zero-Project used a free license for that song.
So, I disputed the claim. After getting in contact with the artist, it turned out that this company was given the right to act like this. Basically it looked like a good idea. Some other people wrote him about this problem, too. But Zero-Project did not want to give a hard time for them who wanted to use his tracks.

Now something happened, what shows the difference between a real artists and the music industry behavior. He contacted that company and also stopped the order to monitor for his songs on YouTube. He got the confirmation that it will be removed within some weeks, the period Google needs to stop their systems from monitoring videos for those tracks.
Now it's up to YouTube and Google what will happen to my Video. Approx. until mid-June it will take for my video to come with my ads. So I missed on that. Nobody will watch it then anymore :).

The disputed video

The system has flaws. Obviously. I can understand that Google must use such a system. They are forced to do so. But I really think it shouldn't be so easy to claim stuff for middle-man companys. It's not Google's fault, it's not those company's fault and it's certainly not the artists' fault. It's the need for it, that is wrong. This is a typical example for collateral damage in the fight of the music industry against their own costumers.

Zero-Project's response was great. In some weeks, I and all the people on YouTube can use his great music again for their stuff. And you can support him. If you like his music, show him that there is no need for such a system. You can buy his works on his site, in high-quality sound formats, the lossless FLAC e.g.

I'm not promoting stuff easily, but this new generation of musicians, that get it, deserves your support. Just listen to some of his tracks before you buy, and you will be happy to do so.