The Most Ridiculous Football Game In History?

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Couldn't be worse for him
I saw many NFL games in my life. Many. And I never saw such an embarrassing game. It's pathetic. Not the referees. The situation the NFL has slipped football into. A good game. The Green Bay Packers vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Apparently all is good. But the replacement referees once again showed, that they are not ready for the NFL. I'll come to that later. First the call of a pass interference in the mid-game. Come'on, man, I would say, but I left this for TJ of ESPN to do so. Boy, they have some material for that part of the show. It clearly shows an offensive pass interference from the Seahawks. And the call? On the defense. Good, bad decisions are made. No need to stump on that. But what happened at the end of the game will be in NFL-history forever. In a very bad way. Green Bay intercepts the ball in their endzone. Now one referee calls a touchdown, another an interception. What happened? The throw was intended for a Seahawks receiver, but not only the Green Bay defense caught the ball, but the receiver pushes another defense player away. That had to be called in first line. No simultaneous catch, you could clearly see that an ESPN commentator said, and an illegal action before.I saw this exactly the same. Apparently everybody else saw this exactly the same.


Now Green Bay left the field in anger. The Refs could not get the situation under control. There was still the PAT to be made. The players already about to shower away the frustration, 11 men came back, line up without showing a sign of motivation to play, and almost like a protest, the stood still as the kicker was doing his job. A sad but historical scenery. A sad day for football, and very bad PR for the NFL.

I'm sure the replacement officials do the best they can. But that's not good enough for the NFL. This situations needs to be resolved, now. And you know what? After seeing this, I think the regular officials really do have the right for more money. Because it proofs that they are something special. Nothing that can be easily done just like this. So doesn't they deserve it then? This is America. If you do a good job, you should get good money, right? Now we see that obviously they did a good job. Give'em the damn money.

I also think the Seahawks did play well. They probably deserved that win. But under this circumstances? Really? I don't think they could enjoy this win much after checking the footage.