A Coffee Shop For Work?

It's an interesting discussion at Lifehacker about a problem, that alone is a curious thing. Having your office in a coffee shop is something that becomes popular among a group of people. And I ask myself, how can anybody really thinking about doing this? Working at a table in a coffee shop.

I can see, if you're on your way and you have to check your mails, or quickly write a very important blog post :). But I'm talking about someone who wants to sit and work there for hours on purpose everyday. Another scenario is, if you want to meet someone on neutral ground to discuss something, and you need to use your laptop for notes or checking things up on the net.
At the Lifehacker article, you'll get some advice on how to do this in the right way. But why leaving your home and working all day in a coffee shop on a regular basis? This is pathetic.

I have some advice for you, too. Grab a good coffee machine, or just a water heater if you like to drink tea instead, put it on your desk or very near on a separate small table, and stay at HOME with your laptop. If you have a room, that's even better. Close it, so you don't get disturbed. You can do whatever you want without disturbing other people.
In addition you save a lot of money. Check the prices on how many coffees you can drink at home for the price of one coffee at an average shop. You will find that even a good coffee machine will very quickly amortizing. And you're at home. You have somewhat control over that area. No one who is looking over your shoulder, noise level is much lower, and you can even work in your underwear if you feel the urge to do that.

My workspace like the way I want it. Priceless.
If you are really unsatisfied with your home, it's no solution to flee in a coffee shop. Why not starting to make your home a place you want to be for your work? Get a decent desk and flood your room with light. If you have small windows try special lamps that emits an artificial sun light. You will feel great. The costs will be low in comparison to the regular visit where you drink overpriced beverages. Make your room a positive chamber to get your work done.
It will be great for your efficiency