The Myths Busted - When The Tech-World Rejoice

Google Glass. This two words alone gets people discussing about good or bad about something that turns out to be not nearly as intrusive as many thought.

Next13 dome stage-0434
Next13 dome stage-0434 (Photo credit: NEXT Berlin)
Google Glass is out. At least for some tech journalists, blogger and web visionaries. They have the chance to take a glimpse of the future first. Before that, many were skeptical of this new gadget. Now +Robert Scoble is having a lot of fun with it. He recently demonstrated what you can do with it, even made interviews with Glass.
Even +Tim O'Reilly posted a neutral article about Google Glasses and debunked some myths about privacy issues. You know when someone takes a photo in front of you was his conclusion.

So, the first storm of fear was blown away. At least in the tech scene. The problem is, the horrifying stories in the mass press. But even the old media should now be a little more calm about this. Google Glass won't be the end of privacy. It's non-intrusive, not for the one who wears, and not more intrusive than a smartphone for other people around. Do we need an Etiquette?
Google Glass
Google Glass (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)
No, we don't. You have the right to wear it. Demanding to give up that right is offensive. However anyone should only use Google Glass for photo, audio and video recordings on public spaces, unless you get permission. Other than that, Glass can be used for more than recording stuff. People need to know about this.

So welcome the new form of communication and enhancing of your world. It's just the beginning. Even when Google Glass is a piece in a museum, this will change the world.