And... Back on Ubuntu 13.04 from Peppermint OS 4

Wow... this didn't last long. Only a few hours after installing Peppermint OS 4, I'm back on Ubuntu 13.04.

Despite having the same Kernel, my graphic cards in my laptop was not supported. It looked like software rendering to me. Wobbly and a bit slow, and the machine turned the vents up to the max.

So I'm back again. I didn't know exactly why I did this in first place. Everything ran fine. Now I need a couple of days before everything is set up the way I want it.

Peppermint OS 4 is great. It's fast, simple and very easy on the resources. That apparently comes with a price. I can't confirm it 100%, but it looks some hardware support is lacking. It's all drivers I guess, and you could add that for sure, but I know it wqill be a heck of a work.
So for small laptops and older desktops, it might work perfectly.

I'm a kind of "All hardware needs to be supported" type of guy. That's why I switched back so quickly. I need to play Rochard with full support :)