The End of The American Web Dominance

Way to go, but the carefree usage of US Internet services is over. This will lead to an emerging market in Europe for replacement services and companies. A big chance for the European market to break the American dominance of the Internet.

What happened? What we all knew is now manifested in a vote that the official German TV-Station ARD, financed by the government, has made.

It isn't this vote alone. People in Germany and elsewhere in Europe are condemning the aggressive behavior and mass spy attacks of the USA. Now that first governments in Europe are officially acting against those activities, the public roar rises to new heights and can't be dismissed any longer.

This affair opens chances for many companies that will offer replacement services for big companies from the US. Some, like mail providers, are already directly marketing against the surveillance agencies. A migration within Germany is notable. Now, with that kind of opinion, more companies will replace other things. And there is a lot. Replacinge Google Docs or Microsoft Office online is a big chance. Online photo albums are the next. If cloud services can be saved at all, depends on the European ability to defend their networks from US spying. Security firms that offer strong encryption, and services that help companies and private persons to enforce methods like GPG/PGP and other secure encryption software, are now having a big opportunity, too.

Welcome to the new Internet. Starting slowly in 2014.