To whom it may concern - Manjaro and gpsbabel / gebabbel and Garmin

Note to myself :) Or any other who has problems with Manjaro to send GPX files to a Garmin GPSr via gpsbabel.

gpsbabel -w -r -t -i gpx -f /home/USER/PATH-TO-FILE -o garmin -F /dev/ttyUSB0

You can enter this line also in gebabbel (a GUI for gpsbabel) in "Edit command" to use it from there.

It's dirty (look where your gpsr is connected can be /dev/ttyUSB1 etc. ) works if you get the error: "Claimed interface failed: Device or resource busy"

So for sending the file tour.gpx in the folder Documents in your home directory and your linux-username is mandark e.g. enter gpsbabel -w -r -t -i gpx -f /home/mandark/Documents/tour.gpx -o garmin -F /dev/ttyUSB0