Amazon's New Europe Strategy?

Party in Europe. The Fire is burning.
Something interesting has happened. Twice in 2-3 weeks.
You know, people in Europe got mad at Amazon many times for waiting too long to get new services announced in the USA. But in the last weeks, the company outposts in Europe, e.g. Germany, has not only offer the FireTV to pro-oder, but also the Fire Phone.

While with the FireTV it was only a matter of time to be announced (let's say 6-12 month?), the Fire Phone wasn't even expected anytime soon. But they all got it wrong, and the press didn't saw that coming. Now wonder if you see how long the Kindle Fire tablet took to take the trip to oversea.

As of now you can pre-order both devices. In Germany the Fire Phone will be available with a contract from T-Mobile exclusively for 1€. Yes, no misspelling. 1 Euro. For a new phone with these tech specs, it's a price attack.
The FireTV pre-order was a huge success. Within 1 day the first contingents were gone. If you order one now, there is no guarantee to get one before January 2015. A special offer for prime customers only pulls 49 Euro from your wallet. Normal price is 99 Euro.

Maybe this shows Amazon that even in Europe there is a demand for this.
How and why theses obvious policy changes are made, is not clear. Everyone was surprised. A few days ago, Amazon made it possible to watch Amazon Instant Video content on normal Android devices. Out of the sudden the app was available.

Looks like Amazon set Europe on Fire.