New Content For Battlefield 4 Will Be Free

Interesting move. After Battlefield 4 is slightly being abandoned, new downloadable content will be free.
This can include new maps or extensions. The question is how many content will be published in the future.

After Battlefield: Hardline is out, you can clearly see that BF4 is on the decline. Battlefield Commander on mobile will be abandoned soon and removed from the store. Some other features in the Battlelog on the web will also disappear. That's now big deal.
Star Wars: Battlefront is also up on the line, and Dice is working hard on Battlefront.
Now there is a Map Community Project in the works, but other than that, it's questionable how much new content will emerge. Even the announcement that this free content will be available for both premium and non-premium accounts can not hide the fact that BF4 is dying a bit early imho.
That's not only the fault of Dice as it seems. The number of servers are quickly dropping, and sometimes you have to look around to find a populated server. So possibly the "problem" wil be solved by itself as many people stop playing BF4 abruptly.

I'll personally keep playing BF4 as long as I can find public servers with enough players on it. But when Star Wars: Battlefront is out, I'm out of here. I still have hope that the new game have less bugs than the 4th sequel of the mighty Battlefield or Hardline.

via [Load The Game]