Board Game Day 2015 / Spieletag

Yes, there are still old fashioned board games around. And they make as much fun as ever. Of course even board games have support for smartphones now and then, but the games at the Spieletag 2015 in Speyer were the real deal.

Opened from 14:00 to 22:00 it was clear that not only kids was coming to play. Just like us:) Laguna.sam and myself were there and had a lot of fun. So many great games.
It was full of people having fun all the way. Not only this big hall was completely filled, the tables outside where you get food and drinks, were occupied by the players of every age.

So we started at 14:30 and played some games like "Crosswise", "Camel (C)up" and "The Game". Especially the simple "The Game" card game did appeal to us. Same with "Hanabi", where you need to make fireworks. Use your imagination and pile up 5 stones in the right order to virtually ignite it :).
"Feuerdrache" was another great game.

"The Game" and "Camel Cup"

At the end it's almost ironic. We played Kakerlakak, which has a little roboter bug running around the board. And it was so much fun :). You see, even board games evolve. I love it. And the pocket version of "Hanabi", which is a sure buy, as well as "The Game".

It was a fantastic day, and the time flew by. It felt like 2 hours but we were playing almost the whole day. Ha, that's what I call excitement. We didn't regret the drive there. Thanks to the organisation for holding this event. Absolutely great and we hope that there will be another game day in 2016!