How to Still Make Money off YouTube

YouTube made a very bad decision and illogically ousted smaller channels and kicked creators butt. But that doesn't mean you have to give up hope.
Here is a workaround to still make money from your YouTube videos and probably get more benefits from doing so.

First, you'll have to set up a blog on blogger or use your existing one. Of course you can have wordpress or anything else, too. It's just very easy with blogger.
You easily can monetize your blog with adsense, as you should to have this working. After you did this, you can start posting your videos on YouTube like normal.
After you published a video, instead of promoting the YouTube-link, you share your video with blogger or your favorite platform ad shown in the video above.

Now if someone invokes the link, ads will be shown according to the settings in your blog. In the example is a non intrusive banner under the post. You can also use your sidebar or top to show ads.
So instead of showing ads on YouTube, they will be shown in your blog. This works better than expected if you keep linking your blog post on social media and anywhere else instead the video directly on YouTube. People can watch the video like normal without leaving your blog. Instead of using a complete description on YouTube, only post a short teaser and post a brief description in the blog alongside your video.

Get even more people visiting your blog by adding valuable content, like real articles, photos and other multimedia content. You might up ending giving real value to your viewers and that is a great thing.