We have such a high standard of living. Why aren't we more positive?

Here I am standing looking out of the window, listening to electronic chillout music from Google Play Music, sipping a green tea from thousand miles away and getting ready to play on my PlayStation 4. All while I have time to think about life.
We have such a high standard of living. I'm really wondering why leaders of the countries that live a life in luxury still waging wars and people seem pretty unsatisfied. I could understand if this would only apply to regions where the people are living in bad conditions and having a very low standard. But it seems that this isn't even is a thing.
We should altering our focus and be grateful to having such a good life and stop spreading war all around the world. Instead we could part our overall wealth.

But I'll guess it's always the same. You have much, you want more. But in the 21st century we should quickly learn to be satisfied with what we have achieved in regards of life standards. At least as a basis to improve necessary progression for the future. Not more is the key, less with more efficiency is inevitable. Before it's too late.