Dissenter will change the Internet forever [Updated: ... or not]

Yes it's one of those moments. Not by a single company, but by the mere idea of it. Commenting about anything on the web, every site, every article, without having this site a chance to manipulate or delete it. It's genius!

Simple. I'm not even sure if Dissenter.com had this idea first, or if there is anyone who tried it before. It's a very bold move. Uncensored comments by anyone. Not that you couldn't do that with your blog or your own feed anywhere else, but if you copy the URL of any page on the web into the form at Dissenter, you see if other people made a comment on the page and enable you to comment on your own. No need to find a blog somewhere on the web with no connection to the site. There is also an add-on for Firefox and Chrome to comfortably see comments when you visit a site by clicking the add-on icon.

I don't care much who made this tool, because it doesn't matter at all. It's YOUR comment. If sites like Engadget come up with populist titles to describe Dissenter there is only one reason for it: Fear! Fear that people have free speak with no control over it. Live with it!
The good thing is that with a tool like these, the company that publish it, have no power to push for a certain direction.

It also will help circumvent bloggers and site owners in the EU, where you can be held responsible for any comment on your page, making it impossible offering comments on articles without 24/7 monitoring. You want to comment? Just use Dissenter. Since the site owner have no way to restrict you from making comments there, they are not responsible.

I don't know how to put it, but because everyone can comment, it's making no sense to call it biased. Of course one thing is sure: Only those who participate can give their views and sides for other people to read. So if you think there is something not correctly in the comment, you need to tell it. There is also a discussion, replies and likes for the comments. So you'll have all tools needed to agree or disagree and to put your view out.

Now tell me, how can this be a bad thing? It can't be. At least if you believe in a free and open internet, in freedom of speech and in the right to express it. It's up to you what you express.
And make no mistake. It can't be stopped. Maybe Dissenter can be censored and suppressed some day, but the idea is born. It's over!
You have to deal with the right of other to express their opinion about your site or article. Live with it!

Update 2019-04-11:  Okay, so I've stopped using Dissenter. First of all their plugin keeps requiring more and more rights to access websites shown in the browser. While I don't see an abuse of this, I have get no real benefit out of discussing things in dissenter with the lack of people participating in my region and language, and on my topics I'm interested in. So I see no sense wasting my time with another service.
If necessary I can use the dissenter website without any plugin, but I do not see traction catching on at things I'm really interested in.