I'm one step away from being a Hikikomori

hikikomori (countable and uncountableplural hikikomori or hikikomoris)
  1. (uncountable) A Japanese phenomenon whereby an individual becomes a recluse from society, typically confining him- or herself to the house or a single room for a very long period.
  2. (countable) A reclusive person of this kind.

Well, with that f-uped society outside, it's an logical conclusion for me to back off as much as possible from normal life outside.
I feel that I can't stand the violent, reckless and disrespectful society more and more. Driving with the car is infuriating these days. People don't care for anything, speeding, and bringing other people in danger. And they don't even care.
People talking about freedom and will take free speech away from anyone whose not having their own view.
People want to be tech their savior (that it is!) but whining about big data.
People talk about protecting the environment and hugging pets, but still participate in mass-killing of animals for food.
Our society is gone highly illogical and are a threat to theirselves and others. And I can't go outside without getting angry, because I'm not looking away. No I'm not just carelessly walking by an idling car polluting the environment.

So, I stay at home more and more. The route to being Hikikomori fortunately, is still blocked by some positive things. I like nature. I'll go outside in the forests geocaching or just walking around. But I always hope that at best, I see no other people while walking. So I'm still looking forward to go outside feeling mother earth. Edit: Oh and playing Pokémon Go. I like this.

But at home, it's not really perfect either. Too much noise, voices and reckless people who think it's okay to play music and party at home in the protected-by-law rest periods. That's exactly what I mean. Nobody seems to care about the others anymore. So I'm going to build myself a soundproofed space to sleep. And to be honest, if I had enough money, I would buy a house far away from any population, and made a fortress out of it with a gym to go even less outside. And food? Well, Amazon & Co. would do it... at least if you have too much money at your hand. Those prices are ridiculous...