PC-Mode with the Honor View 20: Good bye Desktop!

It's set... I'm trying to replace my Desktop/Laptop with my phone. And it looks like this will be it. With a HDMI/USB-C adapter it's a blast.

Huawei offers a PC-Mode on the phone. Something that is really appealing to me.  So I bought a Iiyama 24.5" G-Master Display with 75hz.
With me doing everything on the web, the most important thing is the browser. Chrome runs in a desktop mode. A little unstable, but good enough for normal usage. Of course you can also use Firefox. Even without having a desktop mode, it's running great.

The apps are running great. Only a very few apps seem to have some issues. But in general you can say, they just work. Gaming is another thing. If you can use a bluetooth gamepad, you are in gamers heaven. If there is only a multitouch control, you're out of luck.

It's fast on the Honor View 20. With 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage it's fun and the main tasks, outside web usage, is done well. That's video encoding. Power Director works great with desktop control and the encoding is quick enough on that device. The phone barely gets hot. Looks like the liquid cooling inside the phone works pretty well.

But there are problems, too. Sometimes the UI/PC-Mode restarts. I couldn't find out why by now. In 3 days there were several times. Sometimes it's just a soft restart, all windows opening automatically and you can just go on. Sometimes it's a hard restart and even the "boot up" screen is showing. I need to check if it's a problem with my settings. the display, the adapter or whatever.
LAN (which needs to be in your adapter, too) works. But you must deactivate "Mobile Data" and WiFi (!) before you connect it. Only then, LAN will be detected and used with blazing fast speed
(see screenshot).
The power-saving options for apps you always want to be in background need to be turned off. Check how it is done right.

All in all you can say it's pretty usable. There are some rough edges. I only run it for 3 days now, so the final verdict needs some more time. I'm pretty impressed with what you can do. External hard drives, USB-sticks, USB-micro, LAN and much more works. That looks like a good start.