WebM is getting some traction

After the first row of h.264-idon'tcareusers postings, it's cooling down on twitter. Meanwhile, Google implements WebM in Chrome for prime-time. Right, no beta, no more tests, it's here. The Chrome browser in it's newest official version does have full WebM-support integrated. Go to YouTube to watch. Great, isn't it?

Well kind of, but now Mozilla really have to hurry. Firefox must get WebM integrated, NOW. It's very important to make a point now. I already reading tweets and posting saying that Chrome is the only browser that can use WebM. That's not true, we all know, Opera is out some time now with full WebM support.
But to be true, reality is not important, it's important what people think, and that is why it's very urgent now to put out WebM support for everything very quickly.

Dear Mozilla-Team, get a grip now, this should be priority no.1 on your list and put out an update for Firefox 3.x. It might be too late for Firefox 4. Dramatic? Perhaps, but now some users switching to Chrome, and Chrome also got h.264 support. It's like a trojan horse. Now that you have it, you can use it, and then WebM and Firefox loses some users.