What Google needs to do, to be social

Pic: Geek & Poke / CC by-nd
I wrote another extensive comment on Google Buzz.
This time, Chris Lang was writing about why Google sites are failures in an open letter.

Here is what I said:
So much said here in the comments. Nice.
But I think what Google really needs is a PR campaign of epic size. You think we bash Google in the USA? Well take a look at Europe. Even the governments are initiating hatreds against everything Google is doing. Some of them even want a Anti-Google-Law which will forbid things for Google, other companies can do. And the Anti-Google hatreds of the media and government are really doing something. Nine people out of ten says that they never would user GMail/GDocs or other services expect the search.

So Google needs to make themselves look friendly again. They need to tell people about the lies, they need to show that they are the most open and friendly company in that size on the planet, which they really are. And I mean there must be TV-ads and everything when they introducing something like Google Me.
PR plus product ads for some month around the globe. That, and only that, will do it

I wrote before on why Google does need it and Facebook don't. Facebook started as a friendly 2 men show and had the small community very soon. They grew with that image. Now that so many people use it, it's easy to do even unpopular things. What should one do? Pull out of FB? And then? If you're not famous, that will only lead to having less people hear you. So only a few leaves.
Google instead is a big company. People fear such big companies. They feel they are evil just because they are everywhere. They cry when Google buys another company. Not that the little friendly companies the buy don't want their millions. They are happy about it in most cases.

Google needs a better image of their own.