Blogging With GMail and Blogger.com

You can do some blogging, with the GMail web-editor and Blogger.com.
Why would you do that? If you enable the image lab-feature, you have a great editor.

Font operations, and color in text. All other stuff like bold, italic, underline and much more. Your theme can disturb of course. But you can fix that.

Even quotations looking a bit better.
The line in front marks it quite good.

  • lists
  • are
  • no
  • problem
Even highlighting.
There is a problem with images though. The orientations are very limited.

It's perfect to do a quick posting to your blog from anywhere.
To publish to your blogger.com site via mail, you need to enable the function in Settings -> Email & Mobile under Posting options. Keep this mail-address very secret, as anyone who know the address can publish on your blog. You can have another one anytime.