Finally I saw Tron:Legacy... in 2D

Tron 2 MotorcycleImage by paparatti via FlickrLast Saturday it looked like I will skip Tron, because it's only available in 3D in all the major cinemas. Finally I found one that was chosen from the publisher for the 2D-Version. I'm glad I saw it.

I had high hopes. A sequel for such a monumental movie as "Tron" wasn't easy to find. A whole generation of tech-savvy people grew up with that special vision of the electronic future. What a pressure for the team. And as always it's bound to be criticized. Everyone interpreted it differently or had other thoughts about how the story continued. And not everyone will be fine with that. For the people who don't know the original Tron-movie it might be nothing special, besides the good presentation and the strange, but interesting Story.

As the movie started I felt the magic back. Sam Flynn's dive into the computer world was the only scene that bothered me. But as soon as I saw the "Deactivators" I knew it's awesome. And as soon as I saw the "Light Cycles", I knew I would buy the video game. The new components that was added are genius.

The Story is a logical sequel to the original movie and universe, except that CLU is also the "new" program he wrote to make it a perfect world. In the original CLU was a tank program to infiltrate the MCP memory. However, the idea is brilliant, the new Tron world shows clear sign of the evolution of electronic progress.  The new Characters are also great. Quorra is shining all over the movie and even the side roles are perfectly fitting.

Day 362 / 365 - Daft Punk Tron Legacy CD insertImage by anitakhart via FlickrThe Soundtrack. Well let it put me this way: Epic awesomeness. Daft Punk surprises with a great sound scape that perfectly fits the movie. The movie IS the music, and the music IS the movie. An electronic, high-tech, fast and intensive blast of bits and bytes, squeezed through the sound-system. I had the soundtrack some time before the movie and was positively surprised. But together with the movie, this  world of Tron, it's breathtaking.

All in all I would bring it to the point. You want to see the future? Watch Tron. Not the real future, but the future of movies. Again, it sets new standards. I was uncomfortable and waited for more computer graphics to see, like in the old one. Then I realized it's computer graphics all over, you just don't see it anymore.

The only downturn was the message I got from my theater I normally visit. They have no way to do something against the fact, that they only had the 3D version. The can't do something, the film publisher does have the power in that case. And to that publisher goes a big rant. You want to force people to watch it in 3D because after all that time, people still going into the 2D-versions instead. Screw you! If there wouldn't have been this little cinema that showed it in 2D, I never would have seen this movie on the big screen.
Tron:Legacy is epic... without stereoscopic crap!

Directed by Joseph Kosinski
Produced by Sean Bailey
Jeffrey Silver
Steven Lisberger

Screenplay by Adam Horowitz
Edward Kitsis
Story by Adam Horowitz
Edward Kitsis
Brian Klugman

Lee Sternthal
Based on Characters by
Steven Lisberger
Bonnie MacBird
Starring Jeff Bridges
Garrett Hedlund

Bruce Boxleitner

Olivia Wilde

Michael Sheen

James Frain

Beau Garrett
Music by Daft Punk
Cinematography Claudio Miranda
Editing by James Haygood
Studio LivePlanet
Sean Bailey Productions
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s) December 16, 2010 (Australia)
December 17, 2010 (United States)[1][2]
 (2010-12-16) (2010-12-17)
Running time 127 minutes
Country United States
Language English
List from Wikipedia / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License