After PSN And SOE Hack, Sony Can't Stop To Say Sorry

Basic creditcard / debitcard / smartcard graph...Image via WikipediaAfter the responsible managers apologized last week for the hack of the Playstation Network, yesterday it was time for the Boss Howard Stringer to apologize, after another hack of Sony Online Entertainment.

Customer data and credit card information compromised, Network offline for many days, disastrous PR and terrible situation of information giving out by Sony. That could shortly described what happened. And after my rant about the PSN hack, I couldn't trust my ears. A few days ago another hack hit the SOE, the network in which PC-Games e.g. are on use. Again, data were stolen.

Now Howard Stringer didn't had a good time, and no in an open letter, he apologizes for the hack, and said he will make sure that every resource will be used to find out how this could have been happening.
Well, and while we only can hope that our data won't end up selling on the internet, you should check your credit card balance regularly.