Ballmer Is A Threat To Microsoft / Looses again

He is polarizing, no doubt, but when he plays loose again, he is also a threat to Microsoft and looks rather stupid.

mobile timelineImage by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

The problem is, that people, even Android users :), do not want to hate Microsoft. There is another player now on the market that can be hated much better, with more reasons. But if you get slammed by Steve Ballmer everytime he talks about the competition, it really makes you not want Microsoft-stuff.

In that recent case, he said "You don’t have to be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone, but you do to use an Android phone". Well 550.000 new computer scientist a day would be remarkable, right? That's the number of new Android activations A DAY!
But not only that. He implies with that, if you use Windows Phone you are stupid. You do not need to be intelligent to use a Windows Phone, right? So you really want to buy an "idiot-proof" phone?

For me, that's not even the important point. For me it's that I don't need another battlefield. I want to use a product, not engaging another war against a companies competitor.
I once learned: "Never bad-mouth against the competition. The customer don't want to know that another product is even worse, they want to get convinced your product is good". And that applies to my thinking.