IBM better, Analysts disappointed

Now I understand #OccupyWallSt !

IBM earnings for the 3rd quarter are up. It's more than they said from the beginning. But analysts are disappointed. The correction was not as high as they hope or expected.

The first developers of IBM PC computers negle...Image via WikipediaSo a company is better than they expected, but it's still not good enough for the analysts? Screw them. I think to call them "greedy idiots" is appropriate. Unbelievable. But the worst thing just happened then. Because of the disappointment of the idi.. sorry, the analysts, the stock-price dropped! So they are really stupid. Now they lost real money, because the were too greedy. Great! Yes, but for IBM it's not great. It's a crying shame.

I really think we need a drastic change in the financial markets, and take the power from analysts and so-called experts, whose only target is to make more and more money for well, speculating with successful companies money. Real companies and not only number-jugglers.

[via Bloomberg]