Secrets To Getting Followed?

I just read a post on Google+ about the secrets you're getting followed there.
Well I had  to make a comment there. But I think it might be interesting to blog about that, too.

All the big tips and guides on how you gone to be famous or big on social networks. I think it's all kind of not really important. To be honest. I think you need to know people that already have influence. And they get influence because they are known from somewhere else. If your posts get reshared a few time those people, then you have really chances. If not you can especially write "original content" without even recognized. How should it, if only a few people are following you. It's a egg or hen problem.

Screenshot from Google+

But here is my little sarcastic (sorry) comment on that.
 I have to give my few cents to that :)

1) Yeah. We hear this everywhere. Look what many big sites are doing. Just writing articles they read somewhere else. And they are going good with it. Doesn't seem to be the important factor. I know lots of blogs and sites that publishes original content and others that just copy&paste are getting the clicks, because they are already having more readers.

2) Meaningful to whom? Also interferes with 10. Write stuff meaningful to you, or to others?

3) Fully agreed!

4) And keep your privacy in mind. Only complete as much as you feel comfortable with.

5) Preferably of cats. Or porn... Seriously, quality not quantity is important imho.

6) Like: "What did you eat today", or "Are you still a virgin?" :)

7) Don't overdo it. It could look like you're very lonely

8) Problem is, the masses need to find you. If you try, you are called a spammer :)

9) ...and discover that half of your contacts can't even speak your own language fluent, or not at all.

10) Now that could be a problem...

[via Google+]