Train Station, National Referendum And Real Problems

Stuttgart Castle Square
Stuttgart. A town in in Europe. In Germany. And to be precise in a state called Baden-Wuerttemberg. And in this town, that almost sounds like directly from Brothers Grimm, a true fairy-tale has happened.

Once upon a time, a new modern train station should be build. The project was called Stuttgart 21. Trees needed to be timbered. And some people didn't like that. So they made protests, climbed the trees. But most people didn't care. So they stressed that it's going to be too expensive. The protest was rising, and soon people from all over Germany came to protest, even if they didn't know what there were protesting about. And then, they thought all people are on their site and called for a national referendum. And yesterday, they lost.

The national referendum showed a clear support from the people of Baden-Wuerttemberg for the building of Stuttgart 21 and for jobs and modern restructuring. Maybe they thought it's ridiculous to go against the buliding of a train station, when there is so much more important things are going on right now. Like the European crisis, the bad economy and the job problem in the country. Maybe they thought it's a good idea to produce jobs and drive the economy in the area.

But the national referendum has decided it. It's going to be built. And now respect the people decision. Maybe they will now protest for more important things. And not to stop a fricking train station from being build.

And if they didn't die, then they are still alive today.