Lying As A Blogger Is Still Lying

If someone wants to convince you, lying is okay because you're a blogger, that definitely makes him no blogger, but a liar.

LIES (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)
Every Blogger has responsibility. If you lie, there is nothing what can make this less bad, even if Mike Daisey may think so. Jeff Jarvis reported about the Incident at This American Life. The staged visit to a factory that produces for Apple in China, is firing backwards.

This American Life now retracted from the story. And asking, what is really known about the situation. Almost anything we know, comes from Apple. But it's a player in this game. So there are only a few really trustworthy sources. But this should not lead bloggers to report all kind of crap about it.

if you don't have enough information for a story, don't break one. Too  bad for your clicks, but just writing something up, might help you with the Apple-church, but someday, it will leak, and then your reputation is gone.
Bloggers are not allowed to lie, because they are bloggers and no old media journalists. Hey wait a minute. Journalists don't lie? Geez, you really believe that? But still, that doesn't mean, bloggers may lie.
The opposite is right. Because you're a blogger, you have to, and you can, tell the truth. The public is skeptical with bloggers content. One bad article, and it harms the blogosphere once more. You have to watch out even more carefully, not to bend the truth, because people will prove your article more than they will do with a regular press article. Because they almost want you to lie. You're a blogger.

So let us get our crap together and stop breaking constructed stories, only to get clicks. If you don't have a story, shut up and get another one. But please, don't hurt the blogger scene with more untrue crap.