Google+ Photos With New Album Organization

The long rumored end of Picasa seems to be fulfilled in the near future. With the integration of new organization features, Google+ Photos, or simply Google Photos, it makes sense now.

For some month, the link in the black Google bar on every Google page, leads you to the new photo service in Google+. That was frustrating, because not nearly the function were available there. No competition to Picasa. Now you can also organize your albums with Google+ photos. That's a major leap. You can move, delete and sort photos in bulk. The interface lets you do this even more quickly than Picasa. Many effects of Picnik has been integrated. Picnik shuts down in April and hopefully more features will be coming to G+ photos.

The way is set to end Picasa. But there is still some work. Removing photos from the map (aka gps coordinates) and set albums not to show the location but preserving that gps location for you, is an essential feature for privacy and comfort.

Update: Of course, I almost forgot. The restriction of 2048px must fall, too. That means, everything you upload from Google+ photos is scaled down to 2048px on the largest side. The resolution is too low for serious photo archiving. Until then, Picasa is still the place to upload.

[via Google+]